Fork Stack API

Fork offers high-performance B2B data APIs for cloud businesses, including multi-dimensional info like companies, apps, and tech stacks, easily connecting to any system to build an enterprise data insight engine.

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Mobile App

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Service Provider

Based on the Fork Stack API, you might want to try these

Integrate and automate digital systems

Seamlessly integrate with CRM and Martech systems through API calls for proactive push and real-time updates, complete business circulation automation, and enable technical data to deeply participate in business.

Query, cleanse, and enrich data

Based on API, query, access, and enrich customer basic information and intention intelligence, objectively grasp customer business and technical background, improve data clarity, effectively evaluate lead quality, and improve sales efficiency.

Competitor monitoring and market analysis

Stay ahead of industry signals, effectively analyze project scale, competitor distribution, and market share distribution for specific industries, and build clear and visible competitive guidance strategies.

What APIs are available on Fork Stack?

Understand product market share, identify growth points, and improve analysis depth with Fork Stack's full-market coverage and multi-dimensional market stats.

  • Mobile app API

    Covering 6 mainstream app stores with real-time metadata and tech stack info, providing usage data for various app types, such as going overseas, on/off the shelves, and rankings.

  • Developer API

    Update your system with developer-related data, including company name, size, industry, application information, cloud services, and technology stack procurement.


    Covering 3000+ mainstream technology stacks at home and abroad, finely classified technology stack functions, and quickly calling technology stack data for query and business operation support.

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